This guide offers a number of learning resources to get you started using the Crowdhelix Open Innovation platform, either as an individual user or as an authorised representative of an institution or research group.maybe t

However, our international support team is 👥  always available to help if you have any further questions or if something is unclear. We can also directly help with getting you or your organisation set up and effectively profiled on Crowdhelix, should you wish.

Various specific terms used throughout this guide are shown in bold. You can find the definitions of these terms in the Glossary at the bottom of this page.

Where this guide refers to an action you can take on the Crowdhelix platform, such as clicking a button, this is shown in red.

What Crowdhelix does

Crowdhelix is an online Open Innovation platform that forges links between an international network of excellent researchers and innovating companies, so that together they can plan and deliver pioneering collaborative projects.

The Crowdhelix platform centres on topic-focused communities called Helixes. Users can post and respond to collaboration Opportunities in the Helixes, and target funding from international programmes such as Horizon Europe. A smart recommender engine uses machine learning to match these opportunities with suitable Experts. The outputs of the resulting research and innovation collaborations are showcased as Results.

Why use Crowdhelix

If you’re a researcher or an innovator with an excellent track record in your field, Crowdhelix can help you find the right international collaborators with which to join forces. With Crowdhelix you can target competitive funding calls, post opportunities to collaborate on proposals and R&D projects, and learn about the expertise of prospective collaborators before deciding whether or not to work with them.

If your institution is a member of the Crowdhelix Network, and you are part of its leadership or administration team, you can also profile its capabilities and expertise as an Organisation on Crowdhelix. Doing so will allow you to raise the organisation’s international profile, and to improve its visibility to other institutions that may be launching new collaborative ventures or seeking to build new international partnerships. If you would like to find out more about the benefits of joining the Crowdhelix Network, please 👥 get in touch with the team.

How to use Crowdhelix

This guide is broken down into a number of sections, which are all accessible via the links below. Each section provides general guidance and specific steps to help you make effective use of a particular function of the Crowdhelix platform:

Get started

Register for Crowdhelix

Login to Crowdhelix

Connect your ORCID iD

Connect your Google account

Manage your Expert profile

Set up your notifications

Find collaborators

Post an Opportunity

Respond to an Opportunity

Share an Opportunity

View collaboration results

Start a conversation

Contact an Expert

Contact a Group

Manage your Organisation

Manage your Organisation’s profile

Feature the Organisation on a Helix

Set up a Group

Manage your Group

Manage your Group’s profile